Panos Koutroubousis

Born 1937 in Levadia and is an Athenian since the age of four. His first “public” show(!) was at age 14, when he drew a series of naughty drawings on notebook pages at school and was distributing them to his chums in class. That got him a 3-day expulsion. Later he studied film directing in Rome and worked in Greek and foreign productions. With his wife Kate he lived for many years in London and at various times in Paris and the USA, doing book covers and illustrations for magazines (including OZ, International Times, etc). His drawings have appeared in many Greek literary and commercial magazines and an album of his art called “What’s Happening” was published in 2000. He has exhibited sparingly through the years. One-man shows: Galleri 13 (Copenhagen, 1965), Jordan Gallery (London, 1974). Group shows: Portal Gallery (London, 1970), ICA (London, 1971), Anathena (Deste Fountation, Athens, 2006), Marathon Project (projected presentation of 30 works, Acropolis Museum, Athens, 2010). He has never officially studied art. His other main activity is writing; from 1978 to 2005 he has had four books of short story collections, one of poetry and one of reportage, published in Athens.


In my art, as in my short stories, I follow a multi-lane freeway, where each lane represents one of the influences that constitute my thinking processes: humour,nostalgia, "realistic" surrealism, science-fiction, the shadow world of "Karaghiozis" theatre, old American comicbooks and black-and-white movies. I jump freely from lane to lane, to right and left and back again, all the time. All these "lanes" fascinate me and often coexist in my work.


                                                                                        Panos Koutrouboussis 


Skymagician, 1967, pen, marker, gouache, 23 Χ 15.5 cm, Courtesy of the Dakis Joannou Collection
Exo-epidemics: Rox Bocalis, 1964, ink and enamel on paper, courtesy of the Dakis Ioannou Collection
Αfternoon walk, 1962, ink on paper, courtesy of the Dakis Ioannou Collection
The stranger in the room, 1964, ink on paper, courtesy of the Dakis Ioannou Collection

Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial), 2011 Biennale de Lyon